Foment Mastering


High quality mastering service for techno music

About Foment Mastering...

Distale is a producer and mix & mastering engineer since the realy 2000s. He produced, mixed & mastered for Labels like Upon You Records (Mix), Waveform Recording (Mix), Paso (Mix), Senso Sounds (Mix), Jannowitz Records (Mastering), Foment (Mix & Mastering), Not Equal (Mix & Mastering)...

To get a super high-level Mastering, we use mostly products like Vertigo VSM3, all BrainworX products and Elyisa processors. Clean monitors like Adam or Neumann will fit perfectly to our setup.

Get Connected...

Please send an email to info@foment-mastering .com with the following infos:

• Files: native sample rate, 24 bits (strongly recommended), without any limiting on the mixbus. Peak level max -3dB.

• Type of sound you would like to achieve, examples: clean, brilliant, dynamic, loud, dark, saturated... Also references are welcome.

• Specify the final medium: Vinyl, Cd or other digital formats, Cassette (or all of them).

• ISRC Codes (if desired).

• Tracks listing (for Vinyl or CD premaster)

• Billing and Contact info: name, address, email, phone.